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Thursday, 19 Sep 2013

Superhero Corsets – Supergirl, Wonderwoman & Batgirl!

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It’s getting to that time of year when all the sexy costumes come out from the sex toy shop store rooms and start decorating the windows of adult stores everywhere! This includes even the virtual sex shops like Angel’s Sex Toys. One of the newest additions to their costume lingerie selection are three sexy super hero themed sets. (Say that five times fast!) Each outfit gives a great geeky nod to the original theme, but still makes the wearer look sexy as sin. Don’t forget – using coupon code GEEKYFUCKERY during checkout to save 15% on your order!

Supergirl Corset with Panty

Supergirl Corset with Panty

Ready to dress up as your favorite sexy super hero? We’d love to see this Supergirl Corset with Panty set underneath a trench coat for a quick change out in public! The classic blue and red Supergirl colors carry through one the fabric and piping of this sexy costume, with the unmistakable Supergirl “S” right smack dab in the middle. The corset closes in the back with a series of bra-hook like clasps. The shoulder straps are removable (or can be adjusted for one single halter-like strap). This bustier and panty set comes in a small, medium or large and includes detectable garter belts.


Going for the complete supergirl look? Pick up a blonde wig and a killer pair of red shoes to top it all off.



Batgirl Corset with Panty

Batgirl Corset with Panty

Are you mild mannered Barbara Gordon – or are you Batgirl? This black and yellow two piece sexy super hero set is great for the lady who wants to have a bit of Gotham City role play in the bedroom. Just like the Supergirl version of this Batgirl lingerie set, you have detachable shoulder straps, detachable garter belt straps, and a series of hook and loop clasps up the back to keep it tight on your body.


Looking for a few more accessories to complete your Batgirl look? Check out these red wigs and black gloves!

Wonderwoman corset with panty

Wonderwoman Corset with Panty

We’re thinking that an invisible airplane won’t be the only thing you’re riding in this Wonderwoman lingerie set! The all-American sexy superhero is decked out in a white starred blue panty with the red and gold corset style top. Once again the arm and garter belt bands are removable, with those hook and loop bra style closures up the back. The Wonderwoman Corset and Panty set also comes in a small, medium and large.


If you’re looking for a few more accessories to finish off this look, we’d suggest picking up a jet black wig and maybe some bondage rope!

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