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Friday, 27 Jun 2014

“Super Sexy Android” from’s Animated Kink

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We’re back, flicking our fingers through the Animated Kink collection from the fetish website Kink! This time we’re giving you a glimpse of Super Sexy Andriod – the story of how Pinky is transformed from a military robot spy to a 24/7 sex slave.


The sexy android Pinky is a super spy robot who can process data a hundred times faster then any human capability. She’s also amazingly hot in that usual anime style!


As she was being shipped by the Japanese military, she was accidentally activated without a normal operating circuit. Pinky was unaware of what had happened, until she met a man named Kenichi. In his own little way, Kenichi reprograms her to operate in “sex mode”, turning Pinky into his live in sex slave.


Meanwhile, the organization which created her desperately searches for their national treasure. Pinky has to not only please her new master, but keep them both from falling prisoner of the Japanese military.


This anime porn movie definitely seems to check all the boxes for our friends over at Flesh Fucking – realistic robots that are just there for your sexual pleasure. So tell us – what would you do with an amazingly hot robot who was there for your use? You can see what Kenichi does with Pinky in Super Sexy Android from Kink’s Animated Kink!

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