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Monday, 23 Jun 2014

More Pony Plug Tails – This Time In Natural Colors!

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Stockroom Pony PlugsWe know that more than a few of you enjoyed our last post on the Crystal Delights pony plugs – so we’re pleased to bring you the latest version of these tail butt plugs! For those who would rather pass the My Little Pony look by for something with a more natural hair color, Stockroom is now selling the Ponytail Glass Butt Plug from Crystal Delights!


Unlike the Tasha Reignbow styles, the hair on these tail plugs are made from synthetic wig hair, giving you a more human-like color – black, blonde, brunette and red head. The glass butt plug is the same borosilicate glass used in all the Crystal Delights toys, and designed on the smaller size for those who are used to a standard sized butt plug. For those that like the numbers:


Plug Length: 3.3in/8.4cm
Insertable Length: 2.8in/7.1cm
Bulb Diameter: 1.3in/3.3cm
Weight: 3.3oz/93.6g


Care and maintenance of the Ponytail Glass Butt Plug is the same as mentioned in the Tasha Reignbow post – spot cleaning both the plug itself and the hair is ideal, rather than complete submersion in the water. If the hair does need a cleaning, let it air dry by hanging up the toy. Do not use a blowdryer!


Don’t forget that Stockroom have free shipping once you reach a certain spending amount. Pick up one of these natural colored tail butt plugs and you’re more than half way to reaching your goal! (We’d suggest looking at their other pony play items to reach your target.)


There’s a reason that the toys from Crystal Delights have won 2013’s XBiz “Best Non-Powered Pleasure Product” and the 2012 AVN Award for “Best Fetish Product” – they are simply unequaled in their field. Sure, you might be able to find butt plugs with some hairs attached – but the handcrafted butt plug tails from Crystal Delights are second to none!


UPDATE – You can now pick up these ponytail butt plugs – along with the newest member of their tail family – directly from Crystal Delights!

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