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Monday, 09 Dec 2013

Faux Fur Tail Plugs for CosPlay & Animal Role Play

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Crystal-minx-fake-fur-butt-plug-tails Love the look of the Crystal Minx tail plugs, but would rather avoid the real animal fur? The lucious crew over at Crystal Delights have now released a line of realistic looking faux fur butt plug tails! They really do combine the best of both worlds – that realistic look of actual fur without the moral concerned assocated with animal products. With seven different style to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a tail type that fits your CosPlay outfit. This is also ideal for those who love to play the animal in the bedroom and want the super sexy feeling of a fake fur tail brushing up against their back side!


The Crystal Delights fake animal fur butt plug tails measure between 17 and 19 inches long in total length, meaning that it will come up just above the knee on an average sized woman. The tail itself is embedded right into the glass butt plug – not held on by magnets. The plug itself is made from body safe borosilicate glass – the glass of choice for all Crystal Delights toys. Just like the real fur tail plugs, there is a bit of care that you need to take when using these sexy Cosplay tails. First, when you’re removing them, be sure to grip the glass itself and not the tail. Be sure to avoid getting the tail wet, but if it does a simple air drying will do the job. You’ll also want to keep your butt plug tail stored in the open air – not in a sealed container. This will ensure that the fake fur will stand the test of time.


Frosted Eggplant Faux Fur Tail Plug
red-fox-faux-fur-butt-plug-tailRed Fox Faux Fur Tail Plug pink-snow-leopard-faux-fur-tail-plugPink Snow Leopard Faux Fur Butt Plug Tail red-wolf-faux-fur-butt-plug-tailRed Wolf Fake Fur Butt Plug Tail


You’ll find a great balance between the “fantasy” style tail plugs and the realistic looking styles in the Crystal Delights’ selection. We hope to see even more styles added on in the coming year – so we’ll be keeping an eye out for even more Geekgasms goodies coming from this wicked little glass toy shop!

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