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Thursday, 03 Oct 2013

Animated Kink – Virgin Elf Princess Gets Deflowered

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Animated pornIf you’re like us, there’s a certain part of your body that just goes stiff around animated BDSM porn. That’s why Animated Kink from the porn family is one of our go-to sites for when we want to get off. In this particular set of videos and images, a virgin elf princess is discovered riding alone, naked on her horse. Of course, she runs into a very horny and very determined man who will do anything in his power to deflower this elf virgin. While she may have resisted at first, it isn’t very long before her animated pussy is dripping with desire. Bound and resisting, the elf princess is painfully tortured and teased, and made to suck the man’s cock – her first ever human blow job.



Further along in this Animated Kink set, another female is scooped up, bound and fucked alongside the still virgin elf princess. She’s made to watch as the human female is bent over and roughly fucked from behind, dripping her cartoon pussy juices all over the place. Once she’s been fucked and filled, it’s time to return back to the elf princess for a proper cherry popping.


It takes some work to get the man’s rock hard cock into the virgin elf’s pussy, but with slow pressure, her cunt is filled with his cartoon cock. That blue tuft of pubic hair is almost cute, isn’t it? She can’t help but be dripping with her pussy juice, and starts to enjoy every grunt, thrust and push into her now hot cunt. She can barely take it before she positively explodes in her own cum, curling her blue hair and arms around herself in post orgasmic bliss.


Want to get more of the virgin princess being suitably deflowered? Pop on over to Animated Kink to get a whole selection of cartoon bondage porn!



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