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  • Super-Hung-Heroes-The-Hammer-Dildo

    Super Hung Heroes Latest Additions –..

    If you’ve enjoyed the first round of Super Hung Heros comic style dildos, you’ll be pleased to see there are two new additions to the lineup! Just like the predecessors, these super hero dildos draw inspiration from actual comic book and fantasy characters – in this case Thor and Captain America!   The Thor dildo – called “The Hammer” lives up to it’s name. The handle of this Mjolnir dildo is the ‘playing’ end, with 6.5 inches of insertable length. The hammer end adds another 2.5 inches, making this toy a total of three inches in length. The swirling ribbing on the 1.6 inch thick shaft will please those folks who love a bit of stimulation without going overboard.                The second addition to the Super Hung Heroes collection is a Captain America style
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  • Octopenis 7.5 Inch Dildo - Flesh

    Octopenis Tentacle Style Dildo for Hentai..

    Have you seen enough Hentai to know where this is going? The 7.5 inch Octopenis dildo is a hand crafted sex toy that will satisfy the desires of any tentacle fetishist out there! Rather than your standard cock and balls style dildo, the Octopenis starts off with an octopus head at the base. The creature’s tentacle legs wrap around a penis shaped shaft. The octopus dildo is made from phthalate free PVC, and does contain latex. (So those who are allegic to latex will have to take a pass on this one.)   One of the more special things about the Octopenis is that the creators – TSX Toys, Inc. – make all their sex toys to order. You’re not getting an off the shelf sex toy that’s been sitting in a plastic clam shell case for years. The prodoct
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  • 8349-47

    Queen of Hearts Halloween Costumes at..

    Is Halloween really only 27 days away? Well, we’ve picked out our Halloween costume for this year – and the Mrs is going with the Queen of Hearts theme! She’s picked up a selection of costumes and accessories from Angel’s Sex Toys after checking through their selection of discounted fantasy Halloween costumes.   The main part of the costume is the “Off With Her Head” set that includes a strapless Queen of Hearts dress, red and black bolero jacket, black wrist length gloves as well as a crown and scepter. Along with that set, she ordered a pair of black and white striped stockings with heart details at the top. She even spoiled herself and got a new pair of black shoes that have a bit of a corset thing going on in the back.   Her favorite part of the
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    Superhero Corsets – Supergirl, Wonderwoman &..

    It’s getting to that time of year when all the sexy costumes come out from the sex toy shop store rooms and start decorating the windows of adult stores everywhere! This includes even the virtual sex shops like Angel’s Sex Toys. One of the newest additions to their costume lingerie selection are three sexy super hero themed sets. (Say that five times fast!) Each outfit gives a great geeky nod to the original theme, but still makes the wearer look sexy as sin. Don’t forget – using coupon code GEEKYFUCKERY during checkout to save 15% on your order! Supergirl Corset with Panty Ready to dress up as your favorite sexy super hero? We’d love to see this Supergirl Corset with Panty set underneath a trench coat for a quick change out in public! The classic blue and red Supergirl colors
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